The Estudio Rodríguez Larraín Abogados S.C.R.L., incorporated in 1948, is synonymous with renowned tradition in the field of law. Its incorporator, Emilio Rodríguez Larraín Pendergast (1920-1996), a graduate in 1946 of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Law of Universidad Mayor de San Marcos, developed his professional activities in the field of aviation, commercial and civil law.

In the aviation field, he was the Director of Tan Airlines –Transportes Aéreos Nacionales de Honduras- (1954 to 1959) and the attorney-in-fact of Aerolíneas Argentinas (1954 to1956). He was the founding member and first Chairman of the Board of Directors of the well-known airline company Aerolíneas Peruanas S.A. (1956); Director of Aeroperú S.A. (1981 to 1984); Chairman of the Peruvian Aerospace Institute (1984 to 1991) and the legal representative of the branch office of Aerovías de Mexico de C.V. (1994 to 1996).

In terms of commercial law, he was the advisor of renowned national and foreign companies, and participated as Member of the Board of José R. Lindley e Hijos S.A., Frutas del País S.A., Phillips Peruana S.A., Phillips Medica S.A., Ascensores Otis S. A. (OTIS) and Acrow Peru S.A., among other companies.

He served as Mayor of the District Municipality of Miraflores (1961 to 1963).

In recognition of his professional achievements he was awarded the Order “El Sol del Perú” and the Order of Merit for Distinguished Services to the State. He was also invested with the Order of “Orange-Nassau of Queen Juliana” by the Kingdom of the Netherlands; the Order “Isabel la Católica” by the Kingdom of Spain, and the Order “Bernardo O’Higgins” by the Republic of Chile.