Civil and Constitutional

In the field of civil law, provides counseling on the rights of the individual, the family, successions, property, obligations, and on the negotiation and execution of contracts, as well as on issues related to the law on damages, the establishment of general liability and compensation.

In the administrative field, advises individuals and companies in their relationship with government institutions, in the defense of their interests and rights, and to obtain permits, licenses and authorizations.

In the constitutional field, provides advisory services for the protection of the fundamental rights enshrined in the Political Constitution of the State and in the International Treaties on Human Rights.

In terms of international private law, assists in the settlement of disputes related to the application of the procedural and substantive provisions of our legal system, with the purpose of effectively ensuring access to judicial protection and achieving effective safeguard of the rights invoked.

Represents alternative solutions in the event of disputes, acting as facilitator, mediator or amiable compositeur or arbitrator, from the presentation of the terms under which negotiations will be carried out until the formalization of the legal instruments to put an end to the dispute. Provides as well legal representation in civil and commercial actions, and in the defense of national and international arbitration proceedings.